Sales & Marketing

Marketing & Sales

Our Marketing & Sales experts in our global practice offer real-world experience and extensive knowledge in disciplines from pricing to branding to digital marketing. Our experience and scale working across the boundaries of client organizations ensure that solutions and capabilities are relevant to the client’s business goals. We build lasting client capabilities by using proven approaches, flexible programs customized to client needs.

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How we help clients

We help our clients set their direction by analyzing the data, turn it into relevant business insights, and then deliver those insights to the decision makers so they can take meaningful action to develop their marketing and sales capabilities.

ARCK ITS Insights & Analytics

ARCKS team goes into depth of its consumer insights and translates those insights into effective action which in turn helps our clients to develop innovative and differentiated marketing strategies that include effective value propositions, segmentation, branding, product design, pricing, and customer experiences

Customer Life cycle Management

Arck team work with clients to analyze the behaviors and needs that characterize their most valuable customers, determine the right objectives and identify the best ways of reaching them.

Organization Capabilities

Arck works with clients to build capabilities that help them grow and sustain high-performing organizations. We clarify the role of marketing and sales within a company and then help design the organizational structure that best supports that function. Our work helps clients come to grips with the most difficult issues and questions relating to commercial transformations such as becoming more customer-centric; establishing structures and processes to better link marketing with the rest of the business; boosting efficiency and effectiveness; and capitalizing on emerging market.

Marketing Return on Investment

We work with clients to prioritize their marketing spend across geographies and products, define the right messages for their customers, and find the optimal mix of vehicles among today’s wide variety of media types. We understand deeply consumer decision journey and clarify the priority “battlegrounds” for their brand. Based on business needs, data availability, and analytical preferences of client we provide an approach which can be used for business judgment.

Sales & Channel Management

We help clients make lasting improvements to the effectiveness of their sales investments and interactions with customers across all channels to drive sales growth. Our approach to sales transformations encompasses how and to whom companies sell their products and services, the channels they use, and the back-office operations that support these efforts. Where necessary and appropriate, we also help clients address specific challenges in their go-to-market strategy, sales-force effectiveness, key-account management, and other relevant areas.