Family Business Services

Family Business

What is a family business?

  • At least one representative of the family or kin is formally involved in the governance of the firm.
  • Listed companies: if the persons who established or acquired the firm from their families or descendants possess at least 25% or more of the decision-making rights mandated by their share capital.
  • The share capital controlled by the family is at least in the second generation or beyond.

As a family-owned business, you face unique challenges.

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How can we help Clients ?

At Arck, we know that the most successful family firms are those in which there is a good balance between professional management, responsible business ownership and a healthy family dynamic. We have a keen understanding of the unique dynamics of family business, and we have the tools to help you optimize the positive forces in your family enterprise. No matter what your size, industry or market, Arck family business advisors are there to assist you in strategy (make the right choices, you can transform your business vision into reality), Governance (Consistent management, Cohesive policies, guidance, processes and decision-rights for a given area of responsibility), Business Transition and your values in action. we have right people and presence to help you manage your family enterprise and build lasting value.

We invite you to explore our family business services, and to contact us for more information


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